LocName API

Address & Delivery Solution

A massive database of global addresses that is continuously being Collected, Edited and Verified by real users through the LocName API crowd-sourcing platform

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Address Cloud

A huge crowd-sourced database of addresses

Form Simplifier

Automated online address form

Delivery Optimizer

Dashboard reports for optimized delivery

What is LocName API?

A complete solution for online and delivery businesses to capture customers' addresses accurately & completely by replacing long, manual address forms with ONE simple & automated field which relies on a massive crowd-sourced database of addresses.

Address Cloud Database

The LocName database is a huge crowd-sourced database that is continuously collected, updated and verified by real users.

  • Data collection happens by LocName users and online crawlers that collect addresses from all over the internet
  • Address review and verification happens by real users using LocName applications
  • Addresses standardization happens through the LocName engine which uses a set of sophisticated algorithms to clean up and standardize all addresses.

Form simplifier

A simple Javascript code that is placed on any pages source code to replace long address forms with a one simple field. This field will provide the best match with complete and accurate address format, structure and coordinates.

  • Auto-completing customers’ inputs as they type to make entry easier.
  • Detects customer's GPS location and auto-populates the address fields with the complete address.
  • Offers suggestions of correct & previously verified addresses to choose from.

Delivery Optimizer

A set of reports that provide all the needed information for a better, faster and cheaper delivery process.

  • A visualization of customer locations and their orders on a map for ease of delivery.
  • Distance from warehouse to every user and the required time and cost to deliver.
  • Provides the shortest route plan to deliver any order faster and more efficiently.
  • Group orders based on area or time of day and provide the shortest route plan to deliver those orders faster and more efficiently

Why use LocName API?

The LocName API is the complete solution that will help you speed the address entry process and provide accurate & complete address information that will reduce costs of delivery and increase revenues.

Correct Adddresses

Corrects thousands of typos, misspellings, common abbreviations and other text entry errors.


Every address is presented in the country standard format, suitable for accurate mailing and delivery.

Ensure data quality

Get accurate address data at the point of entry, reducing the need to clean it once it’s in your company database.

Reduce costs

Increase business efficiency by removing faulty addresses and speeding up by reducing user keystrokes by 50%.

Intelligent address lookup

Look up any part of an address. Smart sorting of results displays nearest locations first within the same city as the user.

Updated data

Our data is updated daily and verified by real users, which provides up to date and complete address information.

Save money

Reduce shipping costs due to incorrect addresses and returned or misdirected invoices & shipments.

Express results

Results in less than 1/10 of a second-Our autocomplete API is optimized for speed so that update times are nearly instantaneous.

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